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Our Philosophy

At The Gums, our philosophy guides our everyday practice. Our philosophy aims to provide a warm welcoming environment for families, children, our staff, and the community. An environment that stimulates, challenges, and provides children with the ability to assess their own risk. A place that celebrates the joy in relationships and learning. 

Our goals in implementing this philosophy are:

In relation to children:


  • To develop a positive wellbeing and sense of belonging

  • To be treated with respect and have their opinion valued

  • To have the opportunity to learn from peers of all abilities, and to serve as teachers for their peers.

  • To be offered opportunities for risk and challenge in a nature rich environment

  • To develop positive dispositions for learning, such as courage, curiosity, trust, playfulness, perseverance, confidence, and responsibility.

  • To be provided with healthy food choices and physical movement options

In relation to Educators:

  • To develop a high staff morale

  • To develop communication and teamwork

  • To recognize the importance of meaningful reflections for continual improvement

  • To value professional development opportunities that enable us to engage in the learning of best practice and latest research

  • Children should be able to grow in knowledge through a creative and evolving learning framework (programs/policies/ procedures) that aims to meet the educational, developmental, and emotional needs of each child


  • Every child has an equal value to our program, and as educators we will actively work to support full inclusion of children with diverse abilities and disabilities, as well as those from all socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds

  • To work well with others and build on individual and team strengths

  • To work within the Early Childhood Australia – Code of Ethics

  • To be inspired by Reggio Emilia practices


 In relation to Families and the community

  •  To value and respect the partnership between educators and families in sharing each child’s learning journey

  • To implement practices to prevent and help limit the spread of illness and infection

  • To share with the community the importance of quality early childhood education for all

  • For families to feel welcome to participate in their child’s program and be involved in Centre activities

 In relation to our Teaching Approach

  •  Educators are responsible for the well-being, safety, and learning of every child. 

  • Children should be treated with respect and dignity, to feel safe and secure to have opportunities for learning through play, decision-making, and social interaction with their peers

  • Educators provide information not only through mentorship and role modelling, but through discussion, small group activities and hands-on learning activities.

  • Knowing that a child is capable and can become confident to complete their desired tasks and ideas

  • Encouraging curiosity and wonder in children.

  • Encouraging children to explore the world with all senses.

  • Encouraging children to think critically, and uninterrupted, about the natural world.

  • Observing the child and enhancing their play through providing aesthetically pleasing experiences that reflect their abilities and interests.

The Centre’s Philosophy is reviewed annually to keep pace with emerging trends in early childhood care and education.

Date of last review: January 2023

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